Tips for working from home

The pandemic has many from working from home and it’s likely to stay that way for awhile – or permanently for some. If your home is now also your office, the San Francisco Chronicle asked Bay Area designers for their tips on maximizing that home office.

  • Keep the area well-lit: Overhead lighting and a good task light are a must. If natural sunlight is pouring through the window, make sure you have a good shade to cut down the glare on your monitor when needed.
  • Make your home office an office: By now you should be past the laptop on the kitchen table stage. Make your office your space: put in a comfortable chair and art on the walls. Make it a space you want to work in.
  • Keep the clutter to a minimum: Just because your boss is looking over your shoulder, keep your workspace neat and tidy; you’ll find you’re much more productive.

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