Tips for working from home

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The pandemic has many from working from home and it’s likely to stay that way for awhile – or permanently for some. If your home is now also your office, the San Francisco Chronicle asked Bay Area designers for their tips on maximizing that home office.

  • Keep the area well-lit: Overhead lighting and a good task light are a must. If natural sunlight is pouring through the window, make sure you have a good shade to cut down the glare on your monitor when needed.
  • Make your home office an office: By now you should be past the laptop on the kitchen table stage. Make your office your space: put in a comfortable chair and art on the walls. Make it a space you want to work in.
  • Keep the clutter to a minimum: Just because your boss is looking over your shoulder, keep your workspace neat and tidy; you’ll find you’re much more productive.

Beat the Commute: Work From Home

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Given the commuting gridlock in the Bay Area – rated the fourth worse in the world – it’s no surprise that houses with office space are bringing a premium on the market as telecommuting from home continues increase. This is especially important in the Bay Area as high prices in the metro areas – San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose – are forcing more and more workers farther inland to more affordable communities.

Currently, transportation and IT (information technology) have the largest remote workforces while the insurance, real estate, and finance sectors saw an increase in telecommuters to 47 percent during the past year.

Interestingly, the ability to telecommute is cited by over 54 percent of office workers as a reason to switch jobs.