How to attract Millennials

Millennials are one of the largest markets these days and it’s important to know what they’re looking for and the best way to attract them.

  • Millennials prepare – and are in no hurry, Millennials grew up with the internet at their fingertips so it’s no surprise that they’re interested in all the information they can get before making a purchase. They research, they explore options and since many of them are currently living with their parents or a long-term share house they’re not going to rush into a decision.
  • Millennials like tech. Quality, integrated smart home appliances and internet connected cameras, locks, thermostats, lighting etc. are very important to this demographic, They’ll also count the outlets, check the ethernet connections, and, of course, make sure the house gets good cell service.
  • Energy efficiency is important. Since they lived through the recent recession and many are currently paying off sky-high student loads, millennials are always looking for ways to save money. At the same time, they’re also aware of the fragility of the environment and thus are more likely to be interested in home with good insulation, solar panels, efficient lighting etc.

Millennials abound and many are ready to buy; their approach is just different than their parents’.

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