The value of a roof replacement

When thinking of selling their home, a homeowner will add a coat of paint, spruce up the yard and even update some appliances. But there is potentially no greater impact to a home’s value than the roof.

  1. A faulty roof can be a deal killer. Because of the expense and hassle involved, most buyers will walk away from a potential deal because of roofing issues.
  2. Roofing problems can lower the value of a home. If problems come out in the buyer’s home inspection, roofing issues will result in either lowering the price of the home or replacing the roof prior to the sale going through.
  3. A new roof is a major selling point. Knowing that the roof is new – especially on an older point – alleviates a buyer’s worries and assures them they won’t have to worry about this problem for years to come.
  4. A new roof can enhance curb appeal. Certainly an old roof with shingles missing will hurt curb appeal – even online listings – but a new roof can make a home look well-cared for.

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