Cost Saving Upgrades – 2

Earlier we looked at cost savings upgrades that homeowners can make to increase the value of their home. These come courtesy of Trulia’s Real Estate 101 series.

  1. Check the floors
    As with paint, improving the look of your floors can have a dramatic impact at an economical price. If there’s a hardwood floor underneath that old carpet, it may be time to for the shag to go. A worn hardwood floor can be brought back to life with sanding and refinishing. If you do the sanding yourself – be careful! Kitchens and bathrooms can be improved with new or updated tile or laminate flooring.
  2. Home staging
    If you’re actually getting ready to sell, consider staging your home to make it as visually appealing as possible. Remove all clutter and personal items that might prove distracting. Bright lighting can make spaces seem larger.
  3. Curb appeal
    Would-be buyers’ first impression of your home will come as they pull up in their car. Landscaping, repainting, siding repair, sealing cracks in the driveway etc. will all go along way to make your home as attractive as possible – even before they step inside.

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