Cost Saving Upgrades – 1

Trulia’s always-informative Real Estate 101 series has an excellent article on home improvement for under $1,000! Of course, any of these suggestions – particularly the kitchen and bathroom remodels – can easily run to ten times that amount so please use caution and prudence so as not to get carried away.

  1. Kitchen remodel
    We all know the value of kitchen and bathroom remodels – here the idea is keep these rooms from looking terribly dated with modest improvements. For starters, replace black appliances with stainless steel and upgrade from laminate countertops to granite such as St. Cecilia, Napoli, or Baltic Brown. And while you’re at it, consider refinishing or repainting your cabinetry and updating the hardware. You’ll be surprised how fresh and modern this can make any kitchen look.
  2. Bathroom upgrade
    Start by replacing those out-dated 3-by-3 ceramic tiles with a modern look like 12-by-12 porcelain tiles (in a neutral color) or the white “subway-style” ceramic. Instead of replacing the entire sink, consider just updating the the faucet to chrome. Just as important: clean the bathroom from top to bottom so that even that old grout shines!
  3. Repaint with neutral colors
    Certainly a fresh coat of paint will spruce up any room but make sure to use neutral colors so that a prospective buyer’s first thought isn’t “That navy blue living room has to go.” Even if it’s not exactly to their taste, a neutral color will be something they can live with – at least for a time.

Next time – even more cost saving ideas to add value to your home.

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