Bay Area Rents are … Falling (!)

Yes, according to new data from Axiometrics, rents from August to September dropped from $2,800 to $2,718 in San Jose (off 2.9 percent); from $3,301 to $3,226 in San Francisco (off 2.3 percent); and from $2,413 to $2,378 in Oakland (down 1.5 percent).

Now, to keep things in perspective, rents in the Bay Area are generally up from 2015: San Jose – 0.6 percent; Oakland – 2.8 percent, while San Francisco actually dropped 6 percent (but still a whopping $3,483 for a one-bedroom apartment).

And to keep things really in perspective, the average national rent in September 2016 stood at just $1,290.

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