Tips on buying a home in today’s market

Good suggestions from RealtyBizNews on getting good value in today’s housing market:

  • Use comparables: Comparables give you an idea of how similar homes with similar features rate by price in the market you’re looking at. If the comps look like the house you’re considering is priced too high, you can use that as a negotiating point. If the comps look lower, consider moving quickly.
  • Use realtors to your advantage: Good realtors can be a great help in finding the right home at the right price. Take advantage of their expertise.
  • Think like a flipper: Look for a homes that need a bit of repair that you can get below retail value. Don’t forget to check home investor lists.

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  1. My husband and I want to buy our first home together where we can start a family, but we’ve never done this before and could use some help. Your article had some great tips for home buying, and I liked how you said to consider choosing a home that needs a bit of repair, as you can get these below retail value. Thanks; we’ll keep this in mind when shopping for our new home.


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