The Latest Factor in Home Buying: Elevation

The recent series of devastating hurricanes coupled with ongoing concerns over climate change is causing more and more would-be homebuyers to consider elevation as a prime factor in their decision to buy according to CBS News.

Particularly in cities like Miami this “climate gentrification” refers to the effect that rising sea levels and general volatile weather conditions are having on real estate prices in low-elevation areas. Analysts are already seeing that waterfront properties are not the hot commodities they once were.

Many predict that climate change will continue to play a significant role in real estate, particularly in coastal cities.

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  1. My husband and I recently experienced some flooding that damaged the foundation in our home. We’re looking to hire a home elevation service that will help us repair our foundation, and Your article had some interesting information about just this. You mention that climate change plays a significant factor in the need for home elevating, and I’ll remember this when we get our home raised.


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