Is now a good time to sell?

Generally, early February is not considered a prime time to put your house on the market. Best to wait until Spring is the usual consensus. But after a dreadful 2023, conditions are gradually trending upward for the housing market so perhaps it’s time to consider the following:

  • A decline in mortgage rates: Okay are still in the upper 6% range and are not expected to go below the mid-6% by the end of the year. Still, it’s a far sight better than the 23-year high of 7.79% back in October 2023.
  • Housing inventory is low: Although listings have been creeping up gradually, the market is far below pre-pandemic levels so competition for sellers is relatively low.
  • Buyers are coming back: The general consensus is there is a great deal of pent up demand in the housing market which is only good news for sellers

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