House Hunting Tips: An Insider’s Look, Part 2

Part Two of Trulia’s excellent Real Estate 101 series has a new installment on Insider’s House Hunting Tips:

  1. Use pricing psychology
    Experts say never have a ‘5’ or an ‘0’ at the end of a price. Instead go one number over ‘5’ or ‘0’ to be the highest bid by just a bit more.
  2. Be likable
    A seller attached to a home is typically more inclined to accept an offer from a buyer that is like. If possible, discover a “shared interest” (other than the house). Be genuine or it will quickly be obvious what you’re up to. Some agents even have buyers have their picture taken in front of the house they wish to buy.
  3. Don’t be afraid if the owner has passed away
    If the owner was a long-time occupant, it probably means the home was well cared for. One agent advises, “If you see original wallpaper, pink Formica, and vinyl, pounce on it!” If the particulars are not to your liking but in good shape, you can always change it. After all, it’s yours now.

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