House Hunting Tips: An Insider’s Look, Part 1

Trulia’s excellent Real Estate 101 series has a new installment on Insider’s House Hunting Tips which features the following suggestions:

  1. Look beyond the upgraded kitchen
    Check the entire property, don’t assume all problems will be discovered in an inspection. Possible signs of trouble: cracks in walls larger than ⅛ inch, doors and windows that stick when opening, sloping or uneven floors, obvious damage to the exterior. Learn to look beyond the obvious.
  2. Find a house in a hot market
    use the internet to get information on the sellers and send them a personal note, making clear your interest in the property – and why. Don’t be pushy – be respectful. Some agents share their buyers’ needs on social media and with other agents to find property not yet on the market. Use all avenues.
  3. Get the inside scoop
    Get familiar with the neighborhood. Scout out garage sales in the area and casually ask the homeowner questions as you’re shopping. See the property at different times: at night, on weekends etc. Try to keep those surprises at a minimum.

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