When is the Best Time to Sell a House?

Ask any realtor “When is the best time to sell a house?” and they’re more than likely to tell you: NOW!

Of course, it’s seldom that simple and really depends on your goals. Do you want to be in a new home in two months? If so, then yes, you’d better sell now, just be sure to price accordingly.

Realtors agree that three conditions contribute to the sale of a home: location, condition, price. You can’t really do much about location but it will directly influence the other two factors, especially price. After several showings you should have a good idea as to how the condition rates with would-be buyers. If there is a common perception of a problem the, by all means, fix it.

Obviously the market will tell you if the house is priced correctly. These days a properly-priced home may receive multiple offers.

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