Driverless Cars – Coming to a Suburb Near You?

This is clearly in the category of “What if…?” or “Maybe down the road…” but a recent panel at the Northern California Apartment Summit discussed how driverless cars could reshape the real estate landscape in cities and suburbs. Current speculation has the new technology easing the problems of traffic congestion, parking headaches, unproductive commutes and drunk driving concerns. Or would it?

How would this affect today’s trend of mixing housing with office space, not to mention restaurants, bars and shops all within easy access?

While Google aims for 2017 for it’s first driverless car – or is that 2020? – reports are that Audi and even Toyota are looking into the technology.

Probably the most appealing aspect of driverless cars is the prospect of making productive use of the time during a commute – reading, doing work or even exercising.

Driverless cars – fact or fiction? Check back in 2020 and we’ll let you know…

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