2 Quality Newsletters

You can never have too much information and Northern California is fortunate to have an abundance of quality sites putting out relevant news.

Our two recommendations are:

IPX 1031Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc
November 2013 includes:
1031 Tax Straddling for 2014
Israel & Samuels LLPIsrael & Samuels, LLP
December 2013 includes:

  • Alcohol and company parties – Do they ever mix?
  • What state laws apply to your business? Based on how many employees you have
  • Time off for organ or bone marrow donation – Is it an employee “right”, or at the discretion of the employer?
  • Do you know what a defibrillator is? Better learn soon, because you may need to buy one for your business.
  • Do you have to pay your employees for the time they spend traveling to and from work? The details of the answer may surprise you. It’s not as simple as it sounds.

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