Before You Put The House Up For Sale – Part One

Trull’s ongoing Real Estate 101 series has an excellent article on 8 reasons why home sales fall through which we’ll be highlighting in the next two posts.

  • Roof
    A typical life span for a shingle-type roof is 20 to 25 years so if your food on your for-sale home is nearing the end, best to replace it or get a certificate that it’s in great shape. Roof issues account for approximately 39 percent of homeowners’ insurance claims and savvy home-buyers will often look here first.
  • Gutters
    Routine gutter maintenance can prevent potentially thousands of dollars of damage once the rains come.
  • Foundation
    Cracks in walls or a foundation can send a strong signal of potentially larger problems. Best to fix the problem before the inspection.
  • Doors and windows
    While a stuck window or creaky door may not seem like much – and probably isn’t – it can rise concerns for a potential buyer that the home isn’t as well-cared for as originally thought. What other problems might be lurking?

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