Insider Tips: Increase the Value of Your Home

As we head into the busy real estate season, many will consider putting their home up for sale. Trulia’s excellent Real Estate 101 series highlights eight steps to get the maximum value for your home. The these tips are based on a Consumer Reports National Research Center survey that polled 303 real estate professionals all across the United States.

  1. Clear out the clutter; consider simple staging
  2. Clean, clean, clean!
  3. First impressions are everything: spruce up the curb appeal
  4. Watch the little details
  5. Pay closest attention to the kitchen & bath
  6. Take good photos of your property
  7. Don’t try to do it all yourself: hire experts if needed
  8. Keep your emotions out of it

Mostly common sense, to be sure, but skipping one detail can make a huge difference.

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