Home Prices Are High, Property-Tax Rates Are Not

The good news first: at 0.78 percent for owner-occupied homes, California’s average property-tax rates are significantly below the national rate of 1.15 percent.

Of course, the bad news is that housing prices are so high that even the lower rate results in a high tax bill with Marin County leading the way with annual cost of $10,562.

The nine Bay Area counties breakdown this way, with property rate an annual cost:

  • Alameda County: 0.75 percent, $6,402
  • Contra Costa County: 0.85 percent, $5,898
  • Marin County: 0.86 percent, $10,562
  • Napa County: 0.77 percent, $5,122
  • San Francisco County: 0.56 percent, $7,235
  • San Mateo County: 0.65 percent, $8,769
  • Santa Clara County: 0.69 percent, $8,484
  • Solano County: 0.85 percent, $3,472
  • Sonoma County: 0.77 percent, $4,888

Incidentally, the highest tax rats in the country belong to New Jersey where property taxes were 2.31 percent in 2016.

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