Home inspection tips

Congratulations! You’ve found a home you like, your offer has been accepted and now it’s time for the home inspection. Of course, you’ll want to hire a certified, experienced inspector and keep an eye out for the following:

  • Structural issues: cracks in the foundation, open gaps around windows or doors, leaning stairs or decks
  • Roof and chimney: signs of leakage or poor ventilation
  • Water damage: signs of structural damage, mold and rot
  • Plumbing and sewer: leaky pipes, clogged sewer lines, poor water pressure
  • Electrical systems: Old, out-of-code and faulty wiring, ground fault circuit interrupters where needed
  • Infestations: signs of insect or rodents
  • Hazardous substances in older homes: lead paint, radon, asbestos

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