Google Your Address: What You Can Learn

These days its common to Google a potential employer (or employee) or even a date. And, of course, search engines are a major source of information when looking to buy a home. But even if you’re not looking to buy – or sell – it can be useful to Google your address. A recent article in Trulia’s Real Estate 101 series provides some insights.

  1. How does it look from Google’s “Street View”?
    Depending on the when Google took the “street view” and depending on the changes you’ve made in the interim, the photo may not be remotely accurate. Is this important? Maybe not today, but if you ever decide to sell…
  2. Health Factors
    If your home has ever been associated with chemical factors such as radon, the DEA maintains a database of all such cleanup projects. Also, proximity to other industrial hazards can turn up in a Google search.
  3. Homeowners Association fine print
    If you live in a home governed by a HOA agreement you no doubt have access to all the applicable documents. But doing a Google search can provide you some history as to potential conflicts down the road.
  4. What’s happening in the neighborhood?
    Even though you live there, there may be things on just around the corner of which you are simply not aware. Checking the area in a search from time-to-time can keep you up-to-date on issues such as permit applications, proposed zoning changes etc.

Keep up on what’s going on in your neighborhood: Google your address!

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