Don’t Make These Mistakes When Selling

Trulia’s Real Estate 101 has an excellent list of the 10 most common mistakes when selling a home:

  1. Trying to sell your home yourself Simply put: hire a professional. They know more than you do.
  2. Selling the home “as is”
  3. Make the necessary repairs ahead of time, don’t wait for the inspection.

  4. Cleanup clutter Get rid of the junk. Show the home in its best light.
  5. Selling an empty home A home is to be lived in. Make it look that way.
  6. Over or underpricing your home Do your homework, work with your agent and price your house correctly.
  7. Proper staging Make your home look it’s best. It will be worth it.
  8. Give a little, get a lot Leave your ego out of negotiating.
  9. Full set of disclosures Be honest and upfront. No other way around it.
  10. Watch your timing Set the closing sate for maximum tax benefits. Sounds simple but you’d be surprised.
  11. Confirm fees and expenses Don’t be caught short: know the fees and expenses well before closing.

Sounds simple, right? Nothing earth shattering or exotic but you’d be surprised how many homeowners overlook three, four or even more of these obvious points.

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