Be careful of that fixer-upper

Sure, a fixer-upper can save you a lot of money, particularly if you’ve got the time and the tools to tackle the job. But there are some issues that should be avoided even by the most dedicated handyman.

  • Pests & Mold: Pests such as termites can damage an entire house and toxic or black mold can be life-threatening.
  • Additions without permits: If there have been major additions without permits there could be legal as well as structural problems.
  • Buried oil tank: Older homes may have oil tanks buried in the backyard that provided propane to heat the home before electric heating. Expensive to remove, too dangerous to leave in the ground.
  • Old electrical wiring: Again, expensive to replace, a potential fire hazard if ignored.
  • Bad foundation: If the foundation is faulty, cracking or crumbling, disaster awaits.

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