33% of Home Owners Will Move in the Next 5 years

The Demand Institute’s recent survey of 10,000 households found that fully one in three say they plan – or hope – to move within the next five years. Fully 75 percent of those planning to move cited the location of the home as a prime reason for moving, more than the actual home itself.

Top among these reasons were:

  • Safer neighborhood (30%)
  • Being closer to family (27%)
  • Change of climate (26%)
  • Being closer to work (25%)
  • Moving for a new job (23%)

59 percent of those planning to move won’t be going too far: within 30 miles of their current home is their destination. For those moving due to climate reasons, the West and South are the common destinations.

One common thread is the desire of walkable communities, which is reflected in the stronger-than-average home-price growth in these areas.

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