Your smart home is about to get smarter

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in a move to make using smart devices easier to use, tech giants Apple, Amazon, and Google have teamed up with Zigbee Alliance to standardize the protocol of smart home technology.

Calling the group “Project Connected Home over IP” the goal is to make smart home devices “secure, reliable, and seamless to use.”

Fortunately, the planned connectivity standard will work with existing technologies, and device manufacturers will be able to develop products that use the technologies currently available.

Smart Home Tech Still Faces Problems

Green Escrow Services | Home Technology

These days there’s no doubt that smart home technology is a lucrative market but before it can move towards true market-buyer adoption several problems must be overcome.

Principal among these is simplicity of use. Homeowners don’t want to face complex setup instructions and more and more manufacturers are offering wider support to help with installation.

Security and privacy also remain key issues. Products must be designed with prevent eliminate current vulnerabilities with an eye to the future as well. Moreover, devices that can store sensitive personal data must ensure that this data can be protected.

Smart Home Technology a Big Part of Remodels

Green Escrow Services | Home Technology

Forty-five percent of homeowners planning to do a remodel in the coming year will be incorporating smart systems in their upcoming renovation according to Houzz’s 2016 Smart Home Trends Survey.

Home security tops the list followed by entertainment systems, climate control and lighting systems.

In all cases, a majority of the respondents hope to spend less than $1,500.

Finally, roughly 37 percent said they’re not interested in adopting smart technology at this time.

Smart Homes – But Not Too Smart

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New research by Icontrol Networks, a home technology company, reveals that homeowners are more interested in home security devices rather than gadgets that operate home appliances. 90 percent of those polled said that security is the prime reason for a “smart home” system. In addition to standard security, safety devices such as fire and carbon monoxide and gas leak alarms were rated as “must have” items.

Industry analysts predict that as “convenience devise” become more and more the norm – such as the ubiquitous remote control – they will be considered standard items over time and lose “Jetsons” connotations.