Selling Quickly

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For whatever reason, you may need to sell your home quickly. While the usual recommendations still apply – declutter, depersonalize, and use quality photographs/video – there are a few items that stand out:

  • Get the price right: Have your home appraised to get an accurate idea of how it relates to similar properties in your area. then listen closely to your real estate agent.
  • Timing: Spring is typically the time when the real estate market really begins to pick up so late winter may be a good time to list.
  • Your agent: find someone who understands your needs and is prepared to move qucikly. Then listen closely to her/him.

How to Sell Your Home Quickly

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An excellent article from with tips on quickly selling your home:

  • Find the right real estate agent – easily the most important factor
  • List at the proper price – the market knows
  • What makes your home special? Tell a story
  • Get terrific photos (minimum 10) that highlight your home’s strengths
  • Provide a floor plan – this often differentiates from other listings
  • Remove personal items – buyers want to picture themselves living in the house, not feeling like a visitor
  • Hold multiple open houses – create excitement, buzz – and urgency