Do you really need a real estate agent to buy or sell your home?

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While it’s not a requirement to hire a real estate agent, experts agree that unless you’re an expert yourself, an agent can save you both time and money.


  • An agent knows the market. This is their job and they can save you considerable time and stress by narrowing the focus of your search to match your criteria.
  • A agent knows how to negotiate. Since they know the market, they know the comps for the area and may very well be able to knock down the price a bit.
  • An agent can navigate the paperwork. Saving you time and aggravation while the seller pays the commission.


  • An agent can accurately evaluate your home. Making sure your home sells quickly for the best deal possible is why you are paying them.
  • An agent knows how to market your home. Finding the right price point and then advertising it correctly so it will sell quickly.
  • An agent can help with the details. Setting up a home inspection, home appraisals and any other repairs that need to be done is a big part of their job.