Yes, curbside appeal is still important

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With the real estate market so robust, it’s tempting to think that curbside appeal has been, well, kicked to the curb. Not so, as improving the outside of your home will not only attract more potential buyers but increase its value as well.

Simple improvements will often do the trick: fresh mulch and edging rocks around gardens can go a long way. Solar lights around the garden or lining the walkway can add a nice touch.

Hardscaping, such as adding a deck, while considerably more expensive, can really add value to your home – and increase your enjoyment as well.

Improve your home’s curb appeal

Green Escrow | Gardening tools

Adding value to your home isn’t just new kitchen countertops or expensive bathroom remodels. Approving the curb appeal of your home is a great way to make it stand out from the others in your neighborhood.

  • Landscaping: Planting trees, flowering bushes, and improving the lawn is a great way to get prospective buyers excited about your home even before they get out of the car. More expensive projects include adding a wooden deck or patio.
  • Front door upgrade: Modern wood door design or a steel design will instantly improve the look of the front of your house. Steel design doors have the added benefit of providing additional security to your property.
  • Upgrade the garage door: A good garage can certainly add value to a home and by upgrading the garage door you are removing one item from a prospective buyer’s must-do list.
  • Windows upgrade: Replacing windows can be very expensive but certainly go a long way in adding value to your home. Double land or tinted windows will save energy as an additional benefit.

Looking to improve curb appeal? Grow a tree…

Green Escrow | Gardening tools

According to real estate agents, when done correctly, sharp landscaping can add as much as 20% to a property’s value. And planting a fast-growing tree is a great way to get started.

If your yard is small, choose a tree that will not grow too big and overwhelm the yard. On the other hand, sycamores are excellent shade trees for a large yard and grow very fast, up to 5-6 feet per year.

Finally, don’t forget the attraction of fruit trees. Not only will they add visually to the yard, they should produces fruit by the second year.