Bay Area Communities Continue to Grow

Market News

A recent study by WalletHub measuring the growth of US cities from 2009 through 2015 in terms of population gains and economic expansion as well as home price appreciation, household income and 12 other factors lists 3 Bay Area cities int he top 30: Santa Clara (No.22) Redwood City (No.24) and Milpitas (No.25). Redwood City was among the top finishers for biggest household income gains while Milpitas ranks as the third best city for job growth.

San Jose ranks as the eighth fastest growing large city (above 300,000) in America and led the country for economic growth in 2015 with a GDP featuring an 8.9 percent increase. Also rating very high in GDP growth were Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and Mountain View.

Finally, San Francisco finished 15th in terms of economic growth.