Gov. Newsom signs 27 housing bills, which means…

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On September 28, Governor Newsom signed 27 housing bills, which, combined with $10.3 billion for affordable housing and $12 billion for homelessness are a strong ste[ as California begins to tackle its housing crisis.

Even the Governor had to admit that as significant as these measures are, they won’t completely conquer California’s housing affordability problem.

More housing coming around public transit?

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As California continues to grapple with affordable housing issues, a plan by state Senator Scott Weiner to build more small to medium-size apartment buildings around public transit and in wealthy suburbs apparently has the support of Governor Gavin Newsome.

Other plans such as changing zoning and planning laws and provide funding for affordable housing projects are expected to be taken up by the state Legislature in January.

Senator Weiner’s bill has faced opposition from local governments who fear they would be losing control over how their communities grow as some density limits would be removed from wealthier towns. The bill is expected to be addressed in January.