It’s Almost Real…

Virtual Reality (VR) is coming to real estate, probably sooner than we think, at least according to RealtyBiz News.

Not only will VR allow would-be buyers to view properties from their real estate agent’s office – or maybe even from their own home – they will also be able to look at homes that haven’t been built yet. Already agents in high-end markets are having “virtual homes” created from architectural plans allowing the viewer to walk through the property, an experience that will only get more realistic as the technology improves over time.

Th advantages are obvious as it makes the entire house-hinting process more efficient and streamlined giving the buyer a real sense of what living in the space would actually be like.

Currently the full Virtual Reality experience isn’t widely available but more and more agents are using video walk-throughs as well as 3d walk-throughs to better convey what the property actually feels like.

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